About 8 Curzon Lane

A mature, secluded garden 140ft long x 50ft wide, widening to 75ft about half way down. Developed mostly over the last 30 years by ourselves, Marian and John Gray, our garden which is abundant with wildlife, (frogs, toads, newts, dragonflies, birds, etc ;) cannot be seen from the road and upon entering it's hard to believe we are in a built up area just yards from the busy A6. There are lawns surrounded with mixed borders packed with perennials, shrubs, exotics and small trees.

On the right hand side are two ponds with fish and aquatic planting, the smaller pond flows over a waterfall into a second larger one. Further down the garden is an even more secluded area, this is now the tropical jungle bed, and includes Bananas, Palms, Tree Ferns, Bamboo and other large foliage exotics. Also in this area is a small wildlife pond, surrounded by ferns and astilbe, and usually bubbling with frogs. From here a grapevine covered pergola leads to a round formal pool with fountain (usually full of Newts).

To the left of which is a part of the garden shaded by trees and containing shade tolerant plants. To the right is the area housing the greenhouse, small apple and pear trees, and composting bins. Past the greenhouse is the newly added Potager and more mixed borders. Closer to the house is a gravel garden with alpines, grasses, and sedum, also a large patio area with lots of container planting.